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Girl Invents a Lollipop That's Actually Good for Your Teeth

The Short of It

A 7-year-old girl invents Zollipops, lollipops that are actually good for kids' teeth!

The Lowdown

Alina Morse is now 10 years old, but she came up with the idea for a candy that wouldn't ruin her smile three years ago, when she was only 7. The Michigan fifth-grader told People magazine, "I love candy, but I always knew it was bad for my teeth so that's why I created Zollipops."

Can you say genius?

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And don't think just because she's a kid that Alina doesn't know her way around a product launch.

"I researched what had been done before to see if we could make it better or create something completely new. And I talked to my dental hygienist to find some good ingredients," she explains.

Once she and her dad decided on oral health boosting ingredients xylitol and erythritol, this entrepreneurial little girl quite brilliantly asked other kids to taste test her first batch of pops, since they would be her target demographic.

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Upon getting her friends' seal of approval, Alina invested $7,500 from her grandparents and officially launched Zollipops (her little sister came up with the name). Now, the pops have officially taken off.

"Our business is doing really good right now," she says. "Our company sales were up 378 percent year over year and we expect to triple in our sales this year."

The yummy and good-for-your-teeth lollipop has gotten so much attention, it was the only candy at this year's White House Easter Egg Roll, and it's so successful, the company has pledged 10 percent of its profits to bringing oral health education to schools.

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The Upshot

If you weren't impressed enough already by this ambitious little girl, wait until you hear her strategy for staying on top of her social life, activities, school work and Zollipop empire.

"Sometimes it's a little bit tricky, but I spend one-third of my time on playing with my sister and dance class, one-third on homework and the last third on business," Alina explains.

Hmm, I need to adopt this approach to work, parenting and "me time." Thanks, Alina! And I'd love to get my hands on some Zollipops for my candy-loving kids. Um, are moms allowed to try 'em?

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