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Girl Scout Sells Cookies Outside Pot Shop: Ingenious or Half-Baked?

The Short of It

One smart cookie: Portland girl gets some heat for selling Girl Scout cookies outside of a pot dispensary.

The Lowdown

You have to admit it's kind of ingenious: Using a poster with the words "Satisfy Your Munchies" written in big block letters, a Girl Scout started selling boxes of cookies with the help of her aunt outside of a Portland pot shop over the weekend.


That's one way to raise money for horse camp - the Girl Scout said she exceeded her her cookie box goal for the day.

Posted by KATU News on Saturday, February 20, 2016

The scout told KATU News she was hoping to raise money for a summer trip to horse camp, and she came up with the idea to sell cookies outside the Foster Buds Marijuana Dispensary with her aunt, who said they had several customers within minutes of setting up their table.

The duo had a goal of selling 35 boxes, and the scout said she expected to reach that goal without a problem, telling KATU: "It seems like people are happy we're here."

No doubt!

But the question remains, however, as to whether or not she should have been allowed to set up shop there in the first place.

According to her aunt, the Girl Scouts organization doesn't necessarily condone this type of thing, "but it's not against the rules." But a spokesperson from the Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington told KATU they "recommend that if a minor cannot enter a premises unaccompanied, she should not sell Girl Scout Cookies in front of the premises."


The Upshot

Meanwhile, over on the KATU Facebook page, commenters have, not surprisingly, been heatedly debating the out-of-the-box sales technique.

"I do not think kids should be hanging out in front of a bar, porn shop, liquor store, strip club or pot shop," wrote one. "That would be the last place I would of had my kids chilling in front of to make money... the decision to have ur daughter posted up in front of an adult business selling cookies is beyond a bad idea as a parent. However it is not illegal & it is not my kid."

"Marketing 101!!" countered another. "Know your demographic! As someone else said she is one smart cookie! Perfectly legal."

The owners of the dispensary must agree, because they posted a photo of the scout selling cookies outside of their store on Instagram.


A photo posted by Foster Buds (@fosterbudspdx) on

What do you think? Is it ingenious or inappropriate?

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