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Girl Scouts Are Going Digital To Sell Cookies Online

The Short of It

For the first time, Girl Scouts of America will allow girl scouts to sell their addicting cookies using a mobile app or personalized websites if their scout councils and guardians say OK. The best news, the cookies can be shipped directly to your front door.

The Lowdown

More than 1 million scouts, from kindergarten-age Daisies to teens, were expected to opt in as cookie-selling season kicks off this month and the scouting organization gets digital sales underway.

Digital sales are intended to enhance, not replace, traditional sales used to generate an estimated $800 million in cookie sales a year. This new way of selling can help the girls learn to better articulate and track goals as well as learn to deal with online customers and handle money in a more efficient way, which includes the ability to process credit cards.

Councils can choose one of the two platforms but not both. For web-based sales, scouts can customize their pages, using their first names, and email prospective customers with links to click on for orders. They can also put up videos explaining who they are and what they plan to do with their proceeds.

No one can buy cookies unless they have received an invitation from a girl scout. Personal information is as protected as any digits out there, for both the scouts and customers, using encryption in some cases.

The mobile platform offers tabs for tracking sales and allows for the sale of bundles of different kinds of cookies and can easily be used on a smartphone or tablet.

The Upshot

Sounds like a lot more girl scout cookies will be sold this cookie season and be able to be shipped to friends and family members all over the country. This could revolutionize the Girl Scout cookie industry.

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