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'Like a Girl' Super Bowl Ad Promotes Female Strength

The Short of It

Feminine hygiene brand Always began the "Like A Girl" campaign as a social experiment to destroy the negative connotation of the phrase "like a girl." Now, they're taking this very important message in front of the very manly NFL Super Bowl this Sunday.

The Lowdown

A study was done for the campaign that showed girls' confidence drops around the time they enter puberty. Always launched a video in June that tried to counteract that finding. It attracted millions of YouTube hits. It showed adult women and men who were asked to show what it means to run, throw or fight "like a girl." The adults performed weak versions of the actions. Then young girls, who were not yet conditioned to believe that doing anything "like a girl" was a bad thing, ran, threw and fought with everything they had. They still believed that "like a girl" just meant like themselves, and they wanted to do the best they could do. The video ends with the line: "Let's make #likeagirl mean amazing things."

The Upshot

A pared-down version of the footage will be aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday, which will take this very important message to a much wider audience.

"When people watch the video, we know it changes their perception of the phrase 'like a girl,' and it makes a difference for girls' confidence," Fama Francisco, vice president of Global Always said in a statement.

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