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Grandma Raising 4-Year-Old Triplets Receives $300 Tip from Mystery Couple

The Short of It

A North Dakota waitress and grandma raising triplets by herself receives an anonymous $300 tip!

The Lowdown

Shiela Weisgerber is a 48-year-old grandmother who has been raising 4-year-old triplet boys, Bentley, Ashton and Dalton, since they were 2 months old. So she was beyond grateful for a huge tip an out-of-town couple left her when they recently dined at the restaurant where she works.

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"I was in disbelief at first. I looked at it, and I looked at it again. You read stuff about it, and you hear about it, and you wonder, 'Is that really true? Do people really do that?'" she told Good Morning America.

The couple, who were in town attending a funeral, had tipped her $300—$100 per triplet—and left a note on the receipt that said, "Take care of those boys!" Weisgerber shared the amazing story on her Facebook page.

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The post says:

"I'm at work tonight (am still) and this couple comes in and orders drinks. I was talking to a couple regulars about the boys and this couple overheard and said 'Triplets?!?' and I smiled and said yes. So I showed them a picture and they were like 'Holy Cow!' Well they paid with a card and left their slip to on the bar,told me to have a good night and left. I cleared their glasses and took their slip to put in the til and this is what they left. I couldn't believe it! I had to go to the bathroom and cry for a few minutes....You only read about things like this happening...So grateful! [sic]"

The Upshot

Weisgerber says she's raising the boys because her daughter already had a toddler when they were born, and she simply couldn't handle any more.

"She tried to do it, and when the boys were 2 months, she said she couldn't do it, so I stepped in and offered to raise the boys," the grandma explains. "I do what I gotta do each day, and it works. They're good little guys."

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Here's hoping this random act of kindness inspires those who hear about it to do something nice for another person, just because. I'm betting the couple who donated $300 to this grandma and her boys got just as much satisfaction out of the gesture as she did.

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