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Grandpa Leaves Little Girl Alone in Desert with Loaded Gun

The Short of It

An Arizona grandfather left his 5-year-old granddaughter alone in the desert, with a loaded and cocked gun, and told her just to shoot any bad guys!

The Lowdown

Paul Armand Rater has been charged with child abuse and endangerment after this indefensible choice to abandon a helpless little girl—his own granddaughter!—in the middle of nowhere with a deadly weapon.

It's unclear if Rater kidnapped the girl, but she was reported missing after leaving her Phoenix home with her grandpa. His truck broke down at some point along their journey, and according to court records, he decided to leave the small child by herself with his gun, so he could go get "a few drinks and a cheeseburger." She'd been complaining she could not walk anymore.

Thankfully, the girl was later recovered and returned to her mother.

The Upshot

As the mother of a 5-year-old, it's hard to imagine how this grandpa could have justified leaving this child, with a weapon that could have killed her no less! I mean, the list of things that could have gone wrong is endless. It's a sobering reminder that not everyone is equipped to care for a child. Let's hope the little girl recovers from this scary incident with the help of her mother and other caregivers who make better choices about her well being!

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