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Tragic: Grandparents Forget Baby Grandson in Hot Car

The Short of It

Sadly, there's yet another story of a child dying in a hot car in the news. Even more tragic is that this boy's grandparents were the trusted family members who forgot the infant in the car after attending church services. Just two hours passed before the baby's mom, who was home napping before her nursing shift, asked for her son. To the family's horror they realized the baby was still in the car—and it was too late to revive him.

The Lowdown 

We think of hot-car deaths as something that happens in the heart of summer—not over Labor Day weekend, when kids are back to school and we all start thinking about apple-picking, open windows, and Halloween costumes. But those crisp fall days don't happen overnight. In fact, it was 90 degrees in Walker County, Georgia, this past weekend when baby Jaxon was accidentally left in a hot car for two hours by his grandparents, in addition to his aunt and cousin. Back at home, the four people exited the car—forgetting the baby in his car seat. A Walker County Sheriff, Steve Wilson, told WRCB-TV station within just 15-minutes the car had reached 170 degrees. No one noticed the baby was still in the car until his napping mother, a nurse resting before a third shift, woke up and asked for him. Police say a lack of communication as to who was bringing the baby in was at fault here—and that the family members all thought someone else had brought him inside. Unfortunately—and tragically—that was not the case. The infant's mom began CPR but the baby died in his car seat. While the incident is currently under investigation, no charges have been filed.

The Upshot

I don't think I can take reading another story like this—can you? It seems there was one every week this summer. As a mom of an 8-year-old, I know how quiet a baby can be when he falls asleep in the car. I spent plenty of afternoons in the driveway with AC or windows open as opposed to waking up my lil' guy, and I can just imagine how horrible the grandparents in this case must feel. I just hope this story is a wakeup call that we must be vigilant when it comes to children of all ages in cars. My condolences to the family. And if you think you'd never leave a baby in a car, please read this now.

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