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Grieving Mom Comforted by Disney World Fairy Godmother's Kind Gesture

The Short of It

A Disney character's gesture of kindness for a grieving mom means everything to her.

The Lowdown

Janice Maureen Murphy lost her infant daughter Analiese last month. When she recently visited Disney World, it was with a heavy heart because her child would never get to experience the magical place. But one special character meeting helped this mother feel close to Analiese even though she couldn't physically be there.

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Murphy took to Facebook to share her magical experience, writing:

"To the Fairy Godmother I didn't know I needed,

You had no idea the young woman that was holding a purple teddy bear was me. I was just another stranger, waiting in line to meet a character at the most magical place on Earth. I was smiling but you didn't know I spent 10 minutes in tears over the things my daughter will never experience. You had no idea what that purple teddy bear represents to me.

Despite your utter lack of knowledge, you included the bear in our interaction. And when you found out that my daughter died, and that her ashes are within the bear, you treated her the same way you treat every child that comes to see you every single day: with love, compassion and kindness. When you hugged her, and kissed her cheek, you made me feel like Analiese mattered to you."

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The post continued:

"You may not ever see this, and even if you do, you may not remember us. But I will always remember you, and how you hugged and loved on my daughter as if she was like any other child. You helped me feel her spirit in a place she was never able to visit while alive.

Thank you thank you thank you.

Analiese's mommy"

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The Upshot

I was at Disney World with my family just a few weeks ago, and I saw this Fairy Godmother. It's so true; these characters go above and beyond to make each encounter special; something I witnessed with my own children.

I know I can't come close to relating to this mom's pain, but I do know one thing: Disney World and everyone who works there just have a way of making you feel full of life and gratitude, no matter what you've been through. I'm so glad they were able to give Murphy this experience.

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