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Guys Find Out They're Going to Be Dads In Must-Watch Video

The Short of It

Here's a video you should bookmark whenever you need a good, happy cry. An ad for Dove's Men+Care shows men's reactions on finding out they're going to be dads. And they're awesome.

The Lowdown

In the adorable and emotional video, men are caught opening packages with little baby hats inside, spotting positive pregnancy tests, reading greeting cards and other ways of finding out they're going to be dads.

You can see the shock and sometimes confusion on their faces right away, but all the guys eventually go a little nuts—in a good way—in reaction to the news.

The Upshot

I can be a little cynical about these videos, but this one gets me (just like the Mother's Day one for Clearblue did). I think being a parent makes it even more emotional to watch. This is the start of something these couples may have been long anticipating—and it's just the tip of the iceberg of life-altering, wonderful and wild things to come in their lives. As much as you hear the stereotype that men don't become dads until they meet the baby, this ad suggests that's simply not true. At the point in the video when the guys start jumping at their partners to hug them in excitement...I just...I can't hold back the tears.

Happy Father's Day dads and dads-to-be!

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