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Heroic Teacher Stops School Shooting

The Short of It

Parents, students and faculty of North Thurston High School in Washington are all breathing sighs of relief after a school shooting was averted. And they're thanking Brady Olson, an AP government teacher, for it.

The Lowdown

Monday morning, a sophomore was seen in the high school's commons area with a gun. He fired into the ground and then into the air, according to NBC News.

Olson and five other teachers "ran toward the sound of gunfire rather than away," and he managed to tackle the shooter and take the gun away before anyone was hurt.

While many are calling Olson a hero, he remains humble about his actions.

"No one, including myself, can prepare for a situation like this, so I'm very thankful that we're all okay," he wrote in a release posted on the school's website. "As always, students come first, and today was no different. I reacted in a way that any other teacher would react and at the sound of a gunshot."

The Upshot

I think we can all agree that anyone who runs toward gunfire in an effort to save others deserves major props.

"He's awesome. It doesn't surprise me too much," said one student in a TV interview.

"Part-time teacher, part-time superhero," said another.

"North Thurston High School's staff handled this like every other staff in every city, in every state, across this country would," says Olson. "I'm incredibly proud to be a member of the bigger community of educators who teach and take care of our kids every day."

As he points out, many more teachers would do the same, and I'm so relieved to know there are people like this out there taking care of our kids every day.

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