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High School Students Jailed for Wearing Baggy Pants

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The Short of It

Two Tennessee teens are sent to the slammer for wearing pants a few sizes too big.

The Lowdown

Next time your teen heads to school wearing low slung, baggy pants, you may want to request a quick change. Two Bolivar Central High School students actually served jail time, and four were charged with indecent exposure for a similar fashion choice. They also face up to $250 in court costs and fines.

"I just took it and went on. I didn't know what else to do. I really didn't like it," Antonio Ammons told Cleveland 19 News after spending 48 hours in the Hardeman County Criminal Justice Complex.

His crime? Wearing his pants low, beneath his hips, which showed his underwear.

The school handbook does state that "Low slung, baggy seat, baggy legged, or bell-bottom pants are not permitted." However, it is not illegal to sport this style while in attendance. And outright banning certain attire is questionable anyway, as according to the ACLU, clothing is a form of expression protected by the Constitution. There are also concerns that banning particular fashions may lead to racial profiling.

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The Upshot

The community of Bolivar seems to mostly feel the decision to charge and jail the students was over the top.

"I don't think it's necessary to go to jail for saggy pants, but I think the school should have some kind of punishment, though," Jordan Perry, a fellow student, told Cleveland 19 News.

I'll agree with that. What do you think?

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