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Hoverboard Fail Videos Go Viral after Santa Delivers Toy to Families

The Short of It

This Christmas, Santa left a futuristic two-wheeled scooter under many families' trees. So now, naturally, I introduce you to the newest trend in viral videos: the hoverboard fail and its corresponding hashtag #HoverboardFail.

The Lowdown

You may have heard the scary stories about hoverboards bursting into flames without warning. In fact, Amazon and some airlines have actually banned the toys over fears of potential fires. The cause is said to be the device's powerful lithium-ion batteries.

As if that isn't dangerous enough, now people are falling off of their two-wheeled scooters, and of course, capturing the "hilarious" moments on video.

The thing is, while yes, some of the falls are kinda funny, people can actually injure themselves pretty badly if they take a tumble on pavement, or even the kitchen floor. Broken arm anyone? And it's not just kids getting hurt; parents are "test driving" their children's presents with cringe-worthy results and ensuing emergency room visits. Even baseball player Dan Uggla got in the "fun" with a spill on his own.

The Upshot

Call me crazy, but I just don't understand why you would buy a toy that Amazon is telling people to throw away because it could spontaneously combust! Or, that could bring you bodily harm. Who wants to spend the New Year with a cast, or worse, a concussion? Here's a new idea for a hashtag trend: #StayAwayFromHoverboards.

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