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Toddler Survives Horrific "Internal Decapitation" After Car Accident

The Short of It

A 16-month-old Australian toddler is not only lucky to be alive after suffering an "internal decapitation" after a car accident, incredibly, he is expected to make a full recovery thanks to surgery that rejoined his head and spine.

The Lowdown

A horrible car accident that could have ended in tragedy is instead playing out like a miracle in Australia. Little Jaxon Taylor, whose story is making international headlines, was injured when the vehicle his mom was driving was hit head on. Rylea Taylor recounts the horrible moment her son could have been killed in a petition she has since created on, demanding stricter penalties for reckless drivers:

"On the 15th of September 3 boys decided to do doughnuts and burn outs aside a bend in a NSW highway at 11am. Their stupidity cost my family more than you could image. As my car came around the bend at around 100-110kms dust covered the road - the p platers had released their break and drove straight out onto the highway. For a split second I saw dust and then the force hit. The collision so hard that all airbags were deployed. My 9 year old daughter was unconscious, my 16 months old son was screaming - both were bleeding from their tiny faces. As I kicked open the crushed door I was faced with the 3 irresponsible boys - in school uniform who had just broken my family."

In an interview with 7 News Melbourne, Taylor said she could tell her son's neck was broken the moment she pulled him from the car.

In fact, Jaxon's top two vertebrae had been ripped apart. Dr. Askin of the BrizBrain & Spine Neurosurgery in Brisbane, who is reportedly known as Australia's "godfather of spinal surgery," said Jaxon's was the worst injury he'd ever seen.

The Upshot

Incredibly, surgeons were actually able to reattach Jaxon's head to his vertebrae during a 6-hour surgery. He remains in the hospital, but is already walking around! The brave toddler is even expected to go home soon, although he will need to wear a halo device until Christmastime.

Meanwhile, Taylor's petition has already received thousands of signatures.

Here's hoping Jaxon enjoys a smooth recovery from his horrific accident that thankfully has a happy, and seemingly miraculous, ending.

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