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If Your Kid's Teacher Graded Your Involvement, Would You Pass?

The Short of It

If a bill passed in the Mississippi House becomes law, teachers would get to grade parents on their involvement with their children's education. Do you think you'd pass?

The Lowdown

First came the news that a school in Georgia is considering keeping kids from participating in extracurricular if their parents aren't engaged in their academics. Now comes a bill passed by the Mississippi House, which, if turned into law, will call for teachers to grade parents' involvement with their children's education.

Say what, now?

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Under House Bill 4, also known as the Parent Involvement and Accountability Act, a new section would be added to every kid's report card, where teachers could grade parents on things, like their responsiveness to communication with teachers and the students' completion of homework, readiness for tests, and frequency of absences and tardiness.

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Uh-oh. I was doing pretty well until we got to that last one. We are known for showing up to school late on occasion, and I have no problem pulling my kids out of school for vacay. I'm a firm believer in kids experiencing the world beyond the classroom. Plus ... warm weather!

So would I pass? I'm not so sure.

The Upshot

I consider myself very active in my kids' school lives. I help with homework every night; I've had coffee with their teachers; and I've held every role from class parent to fundraising chair to president of the PTA.

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That being said, I find this bill completely ridiculous and offensive. And apparently, I'm not alone.

"My initial reaction is, this is absurd," Mary Clare Reim, research associate on education at the Heritage Foundation, told Mississippi Watchdog. "The concept that parents should be graded by teachers on their involvement is a reversal of what the education system should look like. Parents should be grading teachers on their performance."


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