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Images Promote Natural Beauty of Breastfeeding & Moms' Bodies

The Short of It

After seeing an image from Stephanie Karr Studios, photographer and mother Erin White set out to create a photo of her local breastfeeding community in Kaiserslautern, Germany, that celebrates mothers nursing in public and loving their bodies. The idea has turned into a global photography project.

Erin White Photography/Facebook

The Lowdown

White hopes the project, titled "Women in the Wild," will help mothers focus on promoting a positive body image for themselves and will make the act of breastfeeding in public places a socially accepted part of life.

Along with her associates, Liliana Taboas and Megan Flanagan, White has photographed 51 mothers paired with their children from many different parts of the world.

"The first year or two can be so hard as a family; the last thing [a mom] should be stressed about is her body image," White told The Huffington Post. "I hope people will get a sense of the natural beauty of a new mother and stop tearing each other down. I hope it helps people see breastfeeding as a natural act of feeding a baby, rather than a sexual act to be hidden."

Erin White Photography/Facebook

The Upshot

"This is an amazing project, to normalize breastfeeding, to show others how beautiful a bond between a mother and their child(ren) can be and to help mothers like me gain confidence is a beautiful thing," said one mother named Leah.

This summer, White hopes to photograph many more mothers as she travels throughout the United States. For more information about the ongoing project, visit her website and Facebook page.

Do these tasteful, artistic photographs make you appreciate and accept your postpartum body a little more?

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