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Infant Fingertip Amputations Cause Graco Strollers Recall

Short & Sweet

Graco is recalling 5 million baby strollers due the risk of infant fingertip amputation.

The Lowdown

This disturbing recall comes on the heels of 11 incidents involving infant finger injuries. ABC News reports that six of the accidents were actual fingertip amputations; four accidents resulted in partial fingertip amputations; and one child's finger was lacerated.

Folding hinges on some LiteRider models are to blame for these serious injuries. If you own any of the 11 models included in the recall, which were made between August 2000 and September 2014, you're advised to exercise extreme caution while folding up the stroller and to immediately contact Graco for a repair kit. To be safe, you should stop using it until you receive the kit.

The full list of affected strollers is on Graco's website. There, you'll also find detailed instructions on how to identify whether your child's stroller is recalled. Hinge covers are being offered to any customer who purchased a stroller on the recall list.

The Upshot

Despite Graco's efforts to reassure customers and to repair their products, if I owned one, I'd want a full refund, so I could go out and buy a stroller that didn't pose an amputation risk to my little one. Right?

Another great concern is that consumers will not find out about the potential hazard and continue to use the strollers without repairing the hinges. So, please share this important recall information with friends and family with young children.

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