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Infertility Treatment Is Becoming More Affordable Through New Programs

The Short of It

If you've gone through infertility, you know that treatments can get pricey—a single round of IVF can cost about $12,000—so in the past, it's been thought of as something only higher-income people can afford. But new agencies are aiming to make fertility treatments and adoption more financially accessible to lower income couples.

The Lowdown

The organizations, which include Tinina Q. Cade Foundation, Baby Quest Foundation and Pay It Forward Fertility Foundation, are helping people pay for their fertility treatments through fundraising, grants and financial planning. They're also helping people find the most effective treatments for them, and some also provide counseling for the emotional stress of infertility.

The National Infertility Association's Resolve initiative is also trying to make it mandated that health insurance companies cover infertility treatment. Currently, most plans don't, and those that do offer limited or stipulated coverage.

"This is a disease, and it deserves the same support from our medical community and our policy community as other diseases," Dr. Camille T.C. Hammond, MPH, a mom who had a surrogate carry her triplets, told Huffington Post.

The Upshot

What Dr. Hammond says is important—infertility is a health condition like any other. I know how important it was for me to become a parent, and I have friends who've struggled with getting pregnant. It's not easy, and when you get into multiple rounds, it becomes financially draining. I hope other people coping with infertility can be given the opportunity to make their dreams of having a child come true without having to go into financial ruin to pay for it.

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