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Injured NFL Player Jordy Nelson Spends Season Substitute Teaching

The Short of It

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson didn't let an ACL tear get in the way of giving back to his community. And just wait until you hear what he's doing this season instead of playing in the NFL!

The Lowdown

In a promotional video for Dove Men+Care, Nelson explains why he decided to substitute teach at his 5-year-old son's school:

"One of the teachers at the school my son goes to had to go in for some cancer treatment. They needed someone to step in, and I said I would do it....I had incredible teachers growing up, and they gave me so much that I just wanted to give it back. You know, teaching can be a lot like football. There's a lot coming at you at once, and honestly, sometimes teaching is more difficult. That's the truth."

Another truth: teaching a roomful of third-graders is probably more challenging than catching a football coming at you at 60 mph. In fact, the NFL player admits, "What I didn't realize was the effect the kids would have on me. Honestly, it's made me a stronger person." I can only imagine!

The father-of-two—Nelson's son Royal just got a new baby brother, Brooks—has also enjoyed spending more time with his family during his time off. He even helped out on his brother's farm in Kansas, which he says was another awesome opportunity to give back.


I got together with Dove Men+Care to show the world my top highlights. See my hand picked favorites below.

Posted by Jordy Nelson on Monday, January 18, 2016

The Upshot

How many NFL players would step up like Nelson did and teach third grade for a school in need? That's pretty admirable, and I for one, am very impressed. Especially since I have a second-grader, and just visiting her classroom exhausts me!

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