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JetBlue Turns Crying Babies on a Plane Into a Good Thing

The Short of It

JetBlue turns the idea of babies crying on airplanes on its head.

The Lowdown

Whether you're a parent or just a passenger, it's hard to be on a flight with a crying baby. In fact, in a recent survey commissioned by JetBlue, while 65 percent of traveling adults admitted to understanding that parents have no control over a screaming kid, 40 percent of them reported that they still get annoyed when stuck on a plane with one of them.

The airline decided to address the discrepancy head-on, with a new "FlyBabies" campaign video that illustrates how rallying behind moms traveling with little ones can actually be worth it to everyone.

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The video puts us right on Flight 213 from New York to California, as a bunch of moms with babies take their seats in the cabin among the other passengers. Then a flight attendant picks up the intercom to make a pretty interesting announcement: "This will be the very first flight where crying babies is a good thing," she explains. "Every time a baby on this plane cries, you will receive 25 percent off your next JetBlue flight. In other words, four cries is equivalent to a free round-trip ticket."

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The ad then shows how each baby's subsequent cries were met not with the usual round of loud sighs and aggressive eye rolls, but with a cacophony of laughter and applause. And of course, by the end of the journey, the threshold of four cries was easily met, scoring every passenger on board a free round-trip ticket.

The Upshot

This is pure genius. Flying with is baby is tough for every one involved. No one wants to be the lady on the plane with the kid who is screaming for four hours. Trust me, because I have been her—many times. So, kudos to JetBlue for giving all of us moms traveling with little ones a reason to smile.

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Sadly, the stunt was only a one-time thing, and no plans are in the works to roll it out on any other flights—at least for now. Bummer. But in the meantime, I'd happily settle for some free drink tickets, wouldn't you?

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