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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids What They're Thankful for with Hilarious Results

The Short of It

Jimmy Kimmel recently sent a reporter to a Los Angeles mall to ask kids what they're thankful for this holiday season. Their answers will give you a much-needed laugh.

The Lowdown

In the clip, we see a reporter from Kimmel's show quizzing children on what they're thankful for. Some of the cute answers are a doll, family, food, school, and friends. Okay, normal.

Some of the funnier answers include "sushi and garbanzo beans." Hmm, okay. One of the kids proclaims he is thankful for not flying United Airlines. "I hate them," he says, and advises people to chose Delta for their travel needs.

One little boy is thankful for just about every food ever created, including nachos, ice cream, bacon, pancakes, chili fries, fried chicken, turkey, and gravy.

In the scary category, one little girl says she is thankful for monsters. Ahh! Another kid says he's thankful for "my dog who just pooped out ear plugs." How many ear plugs you ask. Try eight!

The Upshot

Kids do say the darnedest things. Inspired by Kimmel's segment, I asked my 5-year-old what she is thankful for: "I'm not thankful for anything I don't think," she answered. Okay, good to know.

For more kids' comments on Thanksgiving, check out Parenting's "Small Talk" video.

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