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Kids Born as Preemies Pose with Their NICU Photos to Inspire Hope

The Short of It

A new campaign aims to give hope to parents of preemies by featuring kids holding photos of themselves when they were in the NICU.


The Lowdown

For parents with a baby who has been born prematurely, time inside the NICU can be exhausting, confusing and terrifying. Days are spent watching, waiting and praying, while machines beep angrily in the background and nurses scurry around changing feeding tubes.

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Watching a newborn fight a battle for survival is not easy. But now there's a new campaign that's aiming to help ease parental fears a little bit. Started by the L'il Aussie Prems Foundation—an organization that provides support to the parents of preemies and sick newborns—the campaign features images of former NICU babies, who are now all grown up, holding photos of themselves when they were still in the hospital.

The project was launched in advance of the organization's "Wear Green for Preemies Day" on April 13, and the uplifting images of former preemies—some who were born at less than 30 weeks' gestation—are meant to encourage parents to imagine their family's future life outside the hospital.

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The Upshot

My daughter was a preemie, born at 32 weeks, and the walls outside the NICU that was her home for a month were lined with framed pictures and stories of the hospital's "graduates"—former NICU babies who were grown up and thriving.

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I read those stories and stared at those pictures every single day. And while I couldn't actually ever imagine my daughter being up there on that wall one day, those images, and the possibility they represented, are what kept me going.

So to me, this campaign is truly amazing. It's smart, powerful and inspiring—and it's something that inserts a tiny bit of hope into a place that often feels hopeless.

Check out the incredible photos on the L'il Aussie Prems Facebook page.

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