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Kids Recognize Dad in Newspaper Photo—as Bank Robber!

Cook County Sheriff's Office

The Short of It

I guess kids really do still read the newspaper—at least Anselmo Tapia's kids do. And that's exactly how they realized their dad was a bank robber!

The Lowdown

Tapia's children were perusing the paper when they noticed an article about a bank heist, complete with surveillance photos, in Bridgeview, Ill., a suburb of Chicago. And the face of the thief caught on camera belonged to their dad!

Can you imagine their shock?! According to Bridgeview Police Chief Walter Klimek, the kids confronted Tapia, he admitted it and then he agreed to turn himself in.

"His family ... recognized [the robber] as their dad," he told the Chicago Tribune. "So they took him to the Burbank Police Department, and we picked him up. The photo could not have been any better. The suspect was clearly identified in the photo from the bank, and it was just a matter of time."

Tapia then confessed to the crime, which involved approaching a bank teller, passing a note demanding money, and claiming to have a gun. He never displayed a weapon, however, and no one was injured during the incident.

So what made the family man break bad? Klimek said he told police he stole the money because he needed to pay someone back. Now he's charged with aggravated robbery, and a Cook County judge set his bail at $100,000. He is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 23.

The Upshot

Turning your parent in for a crime can't be easy. Commenters on the Chicago Tribune's Facebook page are split over whether or not the kids made the right decision. What do you think? Could you turn in a family member?

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