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Kristen Bell: No Vaccines? You Can't Hold My Children

The Short of It

Kristen Bell is making no bones about her stance on vaccines. If you're not vaccinated, you can't be around her children.

The Lowdown

As the measles outbreak is putting parents who refuse to vaccinate their children in the spotlight, Kristen Bell has no problem telling people what she thinks about the whole thing, "It's a very simple logic: I believe in trusting doctors, not know-it-alls."

Bell and husband, Dax Shepard, have two daughters: Lincoln, born in 2013, and Delta, who was just born in December 2014. The couple insists that if you're coming to visit their house, you better be vaccinated.

Bell says when their daughter Lincoln was born, whooping cough was making a full comeback, and to protect their baby they said in order to hold the baby, you need your vaccines. They aren't taking any chances with baby Delta and the measles this time either.

The Upshot

Bell lives in California where the state's personal philosophy exemption allows parents to readily and at will skip vaccines. Bell's not having it.

There were 10,831 cases of whooping cough in California in 2014, and four infants died from whooping cough in California last year. They're serious diseases that can kill our children. I agree with Kristen Bell. As a mother, it's our right to protect our children. If I can't send my kids to school with peanuts because it's a danger to children with allergies, then parents who don't vaccinate shouldn't be sending their children to school because they're a danger to children who are immuno-compromised. Plus, kids carry home germs and viruses all the time, and babies can't be vaccinated. Can you imagine the devastation measles could have on a newborn?

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