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Labor & Delivery Nurse Gives Birth to Her Own Baby at Home—Alone

Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge

The Short of It

A Tennessee labor and delivery nurse was forced to deliver her own baby at home by herself!

The Lowdown

If an unplanned home birth was going to happen to anyone, it's a good thing it was Megan Whaley. She's trained in how to assist women as they birth their babies, so she knew what to do when she was home alone when her water broke soon after her contractions started.

With her husband at work an hour away, it was only her 3-year-old son Deegan who was home to help. But he was more interested in "Paw Patrol" than the fact that his sister Emery was about to be born! Adorably, he did offer his mom a juice box, though.

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Then, true to form as a labor and delivery nurse with 11 years of experience, Whaley reacted calmly as she delivered her baby on towels she'd spread out on the bathroom floor to minimize the mess and cushion the baby's landing. Meanwhile, her husband called 911 en route to the house. As he told ABC News 6, he was "delirious, out of control, breaking the speed limit and all."

Despite handling her surprise home birth in stride, Whaley tells WKRN Nashville, "It's still unreal to me. I don't think it's really hit."

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The Upshot

Soon after Emery's birth, both the new dad and paramedics arrived. David Whaley said, "I told her it's not 1860. People die doing that kind of thing. It's dangerous. But Megan, she's really sharp. She knows what she's doing."

For her part, this brave mama says about her newborn daughter, "I don't know if she's going to be a drama queen or wanted to make a dramatic entrance since she's the only girl we have. The pediatrician said maybe we got the drama out of the way. So hopefully, she won't be a drama queen the rest of her life."

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The nurse and new mom-of-three (she also has another son) tells pregnant women to always be prepared for what happened to her to happen to them!

But can you ever be 100 percent ready to deliver your own baby? Ack! I know I feared I'd be put in this position while pregnant with my third child, because my husband also works an hour away and I'd experienced start and stop contractions for weeks at the end. Luckily, I ended up going into labor in the middle of the night, and he was able to take me to the hospital where I gave birth just a few hours later. Phew.

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