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Legislator Tries to Outlaw Yoga Pants

The Short of It

A lawmaker in Montana is trying to outlaw yoga pants, making it illegal to wear them in public. What's next? Maybe they'll start arresting women who don't shave their legs?

The Lowdown

Republican State Representative David Moore introduced a bill to expand Montana's existing indecent exposure laws. In addition to already banning all public exposure of nipples—male and female—the bill would make any piece of clothing that "gives the appearance or simulates" the pelvic area, derriere, genitals or female nipple, including, you guessed it, tight-fitting pants like our beloved yoga pants. Rep. Moore, why do you hate the mom uniform so much?

"I want Montana to be known as a decent state where people can live within the security of laws and protect their children and associates from degrading and indecent practices," Moore said.

Apparently, he's trying to protect the children of Montana from their comfortable mothers. I'm not sure how workout clothing is so provocative, but apparently to some men, yoga pants are as alluring and sexual as pornography. Maybe he doesn't realize that some of us women actually do yoga with our kids.

The Upshot

On a small plus side, Moore's bill also has a provision that reduces the current sentence for a third indecent exposure infraction (three yoga pant strikes and you're out) from a $10,000 fine and the possibility of lifetime in prison to a measly $5,000 fine and a maximum of five years in jail. So five years in jail in those uber comfy jumpsuits? Hmm, I'm not giving up my yoga pants anytime soon.

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