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Level Up, Mom Gamers, Apple Lists Best Game Apps of 2014

The Short of It

Apple has announced its favorite game apps, music, movies, TV shows and books of the year. Elevate – Brain Training has been declared 2014's iPhone App of the Year; the number puzzle game, Threes!, won iPhone Game of the Year; and Monument Valley won best game on the iPad. But are they mom approved? Have moms ever heard of these game apps, let alone played them? Yep, I have.

The Lowdown

Surprisingly, statistics show that women gamers have become a force in all areas of gaming, with the exception of a couple. More lady gamers play role-playing games, PC games and mobile games than men. Men still lead significantly in first-person shooters and multiplayer online games, but women represent more than a third of all those players as well.

I guess, like many, when I think of gaming, I think of the first person shooter games like Call of Duty that my husband and his friends play. I never even thought my Candy Crush Saga playing or my Elevate addiction would classify me as a "gamer." Honestly, I feel like Elevate is less like a game and more like a tool, but it's hard to put down, nonetheless.

Fellow mom gamers and I helped give top grossing honors to Candy Crush Saga on the iPhone in the paid category. But parents aren't the only gamers in the family, kids made Minecraft first in the paid category overall.

The Upshot

I never thought of myself as a gamer, but after seeing which games and apps ranked at the top, I realized that I've played them all, with the exception of Minecraft. How about you? Does reading this list make you realize you're a gamer too?

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