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Little Girls Celebrate Remission from Cancer by Recreating Popular Photo

The Short of It

Three little girls from Oklahoma who became best friends while fighting cancer recently recreated a touching photo they took together during their darkest time that went viral. Happily now, the trio is in remission.

The Lowdown

Rheann Franklin, 7; Ainsley Peters, 5; and Rylie Hughey, 4; were photographed by Lora Scantling and Christy Goodger in April and August 2014. The biggest difference between the two shots? In the first one, the girls were very ill and clung to each other for support with their eyes closed, while barely-there smiles appeared on their lips. But the second photo celebrating their remission shows a happier scene: their eyes are open and they have big, happy smiles.

"The first shot with their eyes closed portrayed that they were there for each other during the fight and embracing each other for comfort, and this time I wanted to show their bond is still strong and that they beat it together. I love watching these girls when they are together. They have such a sweet bond and always get excited when they get to see each other," photographer Scantling told

Ainsley's mom confirms the girls love getting together, and they even consider themselves famous after their first picture garnered so much attention.

The Upshot

Rheann completed her last round of chemotherapy this past week. Rylie, happily, has been cancer-free for over a year, and Ainsley is still undergoing chemotherapy for maintenance through this fall. The girls are now the faces of child cancer patients supporting one another, so they don't have to do it alone.

Here's wishing these three brave little girls a continued road to health and a friendship that lasts a long lifetime.

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