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Man Tries to Sell His Son for $1,000 and a Pickup Truck

The Short of It

A Texas father is facing charges after he allegedly tried to sell his own 16-year-old son for $1,000 and a pickup truck!

The Lowdown

Although he denied the allegations, Ronald Hoyt, 45, has been charged with sale or purchase of a child, a third-degree felony, according to ABC News 7. He declined to talk further without consulting an attorney.

Hoyt adopted Alan when he was a just young boy. But the relationship turned rocky as Alan got older. "He made sure I knew I was adopted," Alan said. "There was a lot of bad stuff."

Then last year, Alan met a man named Michael Gonzales, who gave him a home. "He didn't have anyone who cared about him," Gonzales said. "He was a lost soul."

So Gonzales went to court to become Alan's managing conservator, and later he decided he wanted to adopt him. But Hoyt wanted something in return for letting the boy go. He reportedly sent Gonzales a text message that read, "Before I sign any adoption papers, I want 2 years of subsidy for Alan.[sic]"

Hoyt then said he would take Gonzales' Nissan pickup truck and the rest in cash. He signed the deal last week with an undercover police officer in the room and was later arrested.

The Upshot

This story is just sad. What kind of man tries to sell his own son? Children are not objects to pawn off like a used piece of furniture. Luckily, Gonzales was smart enough to get the police involved, and hopefully, Alan will be cared for and safe now.

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