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Marine Dad Packs Holiday Celebrations with Son into 10 Days Before He's Deployed

The Short of It

A Marine dad celebrates all the holidays early with his 3-year-old son so he won't "miss" anything during his deployment.

The Lowdown

Staff Sgt. John York wanted to do something unforgettable for his son Bryson during his 10 days of pre-deployment leave. And his wife Priscilla caught it all on video so the precious moments the family spent together could be enjoyed over and over again.

The video not only portrays dad and son enjoying the simple pleasures in life together, like snuggling on the sofa and jamming to a favorite tune in the car, but also celebrating all the holidays York will miss during his deployment.

They started by trick-or-treating. " He went to every neighbor's house on the block, and he had candy that he handed to them so they'd be ready when Bryson rang the doorbell," Priscilla told ABC News about her husband's early Halloween planning. "He brought candy to each of their houses if they were home. The neighbors were so great about it."

The family also unwrapped Christmas gifts placed under a fake, lit tree, and blew out candles on Bryson's birthday cake, even though his actual birthday was a few weeks away.

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The finished video is told from Bryson's perspective, and he thanks his father for spending unforgettable time with him before having to leave.

"Whether you are away or home, my heart is always so full of your love because ... you do the dad thing right," are the words read at the end of the touching video montage, which was an early Father's Day gift.

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"He didn't know I was making the video, and when I showed it to him, I think he watched it 1,000 times over and over and over again," Priscilla said about her soldier husband's reaction to the gift. "I had to portray it the way it was meant to be felt. The video made his vision come to life in a way he didn't expect. I think the whole process meant more to him knowing that it was recorded like that."

The Upshot

This is John's third deployment, but it's his first since Bryson was born. Priscilla says the father and son have an unbreakable bond she would "never be able to match."

"He just adores him. He adores that man," she said of Bryson. And as for her husband, "He is the most incredible dad and husband I've ever met. He helps me out so much. He takes over everything when he comes home."

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Now please excuse me while I go wipe away my tears and blow my nose as I attempt to recover from watching this incredibly beautiful video that truly captures a father's love.

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