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McDonald's Recalls Over 2 Million Happy Meal Toys

Short & Sweet

As if mystery meat and "chicken by-product" were not enough to dissuade parents from feeding their kids McDonald's, how about an honest to goodness choking hazard? McDonald's is recalling about 2.3 million Hello Kitty Happy meal toys that pose a choking risk to children.

The Lowdown

To celebrate the iconic Hello Kitty's 40th birthday, the McDonald's Happy meal included a Hello Kitty Birthday Lollipop Toy (No. 6). It's a super cute plastic Hello Kitty figurine holding a pink heart-shaped lollipop, but it is deceptively dangerous.

The whistle can be removed from the toy and used to make sounds by inhaling and exhaling. However, McDonald's has received two reports of children who sucked the whistles into their mouths and coughed out pieces. Thankfully, no one has died yet. One child did need medical attention.

McDonald's said the toys were distributed nationwide and in Canada with Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals from October through the first week of November in celebration of Hello Kitty's 40th anniversary. McDonald's has recovered about 70 percent of the whistles, which is about 1.6 million. If you have one lying around the house, be sure to pick it up and keep it away from the children. McDonald's stores will happily substitute the toy for another treat.

The Upshot

If you've treated your kid to a Happy Meal in the past month, please be on the lookout for this little choking hazard. And also check out the Top 10 Unhealthiest Kids' Meals to see if your kiddo's restaurant favorite made the list.

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