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Merit Badges Celebrate Times Parents Nail It—And Fail It

The Short of It

Hilarious parenting merit badges celebrate the awesome, and not-so-awesome, moments of being a parent.

The Lowdown

Parents have the hardest job in the world. But no one ever gives us awards for doing gross things, like cleaning kid puke off stuffed animals or fishing a retainer out of the garbage at Burger King. And we don't get kudos for mind-numbing tasks like staying up all night to help our kids conquer common core math or attending a PTA meeting after a full-day of work! That's why Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn, the moms behind the parenting podcast "One Bad Mother," created parenting merit badges. So, we can feel awesome about being, well, awesome! And so we can laugh at the times we totally failed.

Badges you can earn celebrate accomplishments ranging from "Acquired a Kid" to nursing a baby while on the toilet and cleaning up a bathtub poop to getting your kid to sleep while on vacation. You can also earn badges for doing things you aren't so proud of, like burning dinner or committing an act of parenting hypocrisy.

Watch their Kickstarter video below to find out more—and to get a good laugh. But Ellis wants parents to know there's actually an important message behind this fun project: "Let's remember to tell ourselves and each other that we are doing a good job and to judge less and laugh more."


The Upshot

So far today, I've earned "badges" for getting up two hours before my kids so I can actually eat breakfast, read my emails and shower without having to wipe anyone's butt simultaneously. And I should get a bonus badge for actually having clean socks for all three of my kids to leave the house in!

What badges have you earned lately?

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