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Midwife Rides Inflatable Swan through Floodwater to Deliver Baby

The Short of It

A Texas midwife rides an inflatable swan pool toy through Houston's floodwater in order to deliver a baby!

The Lowdown

Just when you thought inflatable swans had finally jumped the shark, a 63-year-old midwife used one to help deliver a baby during the Houston floods.

Cathy Allen Rude, owner of the Katy Birth Center, had agreed to deliver a baby on Monday. But with floodwater surrounding her home, she needed to figure out a way to get to the clinic while keeping all her birthing equipment dry. After a ride on a kayak fell through, her observant, pregnant patient noticed Rude's neighbor, Celeste, floating by on an inflatable swan and yelled, "How about giving my midwife a ride on your swan to come deliver my baby?" Rude told the McClatchy Wire Service.

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Celeste quickly agreed. "She pushed her swan to my front door, and I climbed in with all the birthing equipment I needed and floated me down to the waiting pickup truck, and off to the birth center we went," Rude told The Telegraph. "We had a lovely baby boy later that evening. A water birth during a flood!"

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The Upshot

Wow, talk about job dedication! My family actually has one of these swans in our backyard, and I don't think it ever would've occurred to me to use it as a mode of transportation, even in an emergency!

"Neither storm, nor flood, nor being trapped at home keeps Midwife Cathy Rude from delivering a baby," reads a post on the Katy Birth Center facebook page. "She was delivered by a swan float to dry land Monday afternoon 04/18/2016 so she could meet her laboring mom. No storks needed here! The mom and her 9lb, 12.2oz baby boy are both doing well."

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Since the forecast calls for more rain, Rude told the Telegraph she will remain at the clinic until the streets clear. "It's still flooded," she explained. "Unless I want to take another ride."

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