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Millions Watch Adorable Toddler with Down Syndrome Recite ABCs

The Short of It

A video of an Alabama toddler with Down syndrome reciting the alphabet has gone majorly viral.


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Posted by Pam Gables Sapp on Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Lowdown

Two-year-old John David is making the Internet swoon with his adorable recitation of his ABCs. A video of the tot, who has Down syndrome, repeating the letters of the alphabet after his grandmother has received an astonishing 15.6 million views and counting since being posted to Facebook in late January.

"Best ABC's I ever heard! Wait for the W," John David's grandmother, Pam Gables Sapp, wrote in the caption accompanying the sweet-as-can-be video.

Indeed, out of all the 24 letters, "W" does seem to provide the little boy with the most joy. He even claps for himself! He is also just as proud when he finishes the alphabet.

Sapp explains an aunt had informed her John David could recite the alphabet, but she wanted to see for herself. As she recounted to, "She told me, 'He said his ABCs this morning,' and I didn't believe her. So I sat him on my lap and had him do it again."

The result is this video, which Sapp says her grandson can't get enough of. "He just loves watching himself." She adds, "But I think what really has resonated with everyone is just the joy that he expresses, and the hope that comes with it. You see how happy he is when he gets to the end, and how pleased he is knowing he could to it."

The Upshot

I agree the hope is what truly makes an impression. Watching the video, I was thinking about what else this little boy will be able to do if he just has people, like Sapp, who believe in him and will take the time to help him learn.

"I hope this provides encouragement to any mother out there that may find their child has any kind of delays. There's hope and there's also help. Early intervention has played a big role in achieving his milestones," John David's mom, Hannah Sapp Marlin told Today.

She adds the video is meant "to hopefully help any expecting mom that may be having a child with Down syndrome to not be afraid or worried. But to see the great joy and ability in disability! I'm so blessed to call this one mine and to now be able to share him and his amazing personality with so many people all over the world!"

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