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Mini Shopping Spree! Baby Rents Car on Mom's Laptop

The Short of It

A 9-month-old baby rented a car for $516 from Priceline on his mom's laptop. Although the company initially said they would not refund the money, this story has a happy ending.

The Lowdown

Minnesota mom Mandy Ellingson was comparing car rental rates for an upcoming family vacation with her son Daniel on her lap. Her in-laws were also bargain hunting while on the phone with Ellingson. Well, apparently the littlest shopper thought he spotted the best deal, because with one click he rented a car for more than $500.

"I thought, 'Did he really just do that?' It was that shocked feeling, like, I can't believe it happened. So that's why we got on the phone right away and tried to fix it," Ellingson told Good Morning America.

At first Priceline refused to refund the accidental purchase.

"They kept saying that I booked it—but I told them, 'I didn't book it. My baby booked it,'" the frustrated mom said.

The Upshot

A local Minnesota news station aired a story about the family's unfortunate situation, at which point Priceline agreed to make a one-time exception to their no-refunds policy.

Ellingson says her son is not allowed to play with her laptop or smartphone, so that's why he probably took such an interest in it. I'd say that's a good policy overall because it's so easy to make purchases with just one click. My baby has bought a few songs on iTunes and small things like that. But I think I'd just about keel over if she accidentally spent $516!

What has your little one purchased while fooling around on your phone or computer?

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