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Model is Body Shamed After Sharing Postpartum Selfie

The Short of It

One month after having a baby, model and former Miss Universe Australia, Erin McNaught, posted photos showing off her postpartum body on Instagram. She looked amazing, but when she showed off her flat stomach with a mirror selfie, the social media hate storm commenced.

The Lowdown

Erin McNaught was rightfully proud of sharing her postpartum body. She worked hard, and just four weeks after giving birth, she looked fantastic in a bikini. I believe that anytime a woman feels empowered enough to show off her body is a good day.

What she didn't count on was the abuse that she would suffer at the hands of fellow women who began body shaming her for the selfie under the guise of concern trolling. Some even referred to her photo as "triggering."

"If you're a new mum and this is what's important to're doing it wrong #priorities," gclovin commented on the Instagram post. Others exclaimed "wtf," while some asked, "How the hell is that possible?"

The Upshot

Women who are overweight and have babies are criticized for not being fit enough, and now Erin is attacked for getting back in shape too quickly. No one can win.

Personally, I think that we women should be accepting of all moms' bodies, no matter what the size or shape. We need to be more supportive of one another rather than humiliate and shame each other.

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