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Mom Allows Her Sons to Make Her Over in Hilarious Makeup Tutorial

The Short of It

A mom allows her two young sons to give her a makeover in an adorable makeup tutorial.

The Lowdown

In a video originally posted by Reddit user apclpsmww, a Scottish mom gets a makeover, and she pretty much looks like something nightmares are made of by the end. But the clip is just too sweet, as her boys, Noah and Ben, attempt to do it all, from their mama's eye makeup, to her blush, to her bright red lipstick as the finishing touch.

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"My kids did my makeup. It went as expected," the seriously good sport mom wrote as a caption to the video she also shared on You Tube.

The tutorial begins as her sons inexplicably, and rather roughly, draw lines and dots with dark eyeliner all over their mom's face and eyelids. As they move on to their next step, they explain their inspiration, citing Egyptian influences.

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Noah and Ben—who the mom says have been watching make-up tutorials with her and wanted to try one out for themselves—are truly skilled makeup artists, it seems, as they then explain the next step is adding a bit of a contour. The mom's commentary, which she added in later, is truly hilarious: "Forget following your natural jawline—try a vertical contour, which really helps to f*ck your sh*t up," she writes.

In another segment, her son asks her what that dot on her face is. "Thanks for pointing that out," she says; it's a blemish.

But my favorite moment is when the boys apply her lipstick, a "slightly" exaggerated look this mama jokes is inspired by Kylie Jenner.

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The Upshot

I have to hand it to this mother for being so go with the flow. I wouldn't even let my kids near my makeup, let alone allow them to apply it for me, and then tape the entire process for the world to see. She is far cooler than I am; it's truly aspirational. As for her look? Not so much.

But other Reddit users agreed her laid back attitude is an inspiration.

"I really love people like you who just let their kids have some harmless fun, I wish I had more people around like you when I was growing up," wrote DoubleJays on the post. "I'm a 23 year old [sic] gay male and as a kid anytime I would play with anything remotely feminine I would always be told how wrong it was for me to be playing with 'girls things' which in turn made me really hate myself growing up & not being able to try certain subjects throughout school that I had an interest for in fear of being called gay & teased. . . Just really wanted to say that I think you're pretty great."

Would you allow your kids to "have some harmless fun" with your makeup?

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