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Mom and Abducted Son Reunite after 15 Years, Thanks to Facebook

The Short of It

While Hope Holland was scrolling through Facebook, a picture of two children taking a bath caught her eye. One of the children was her missing son, Jonathan, who had been abducted by his father. Thanks to the Internet, mom and son are back in each other's lives again.

The Lowdown

Fifteen years ago, Hope Holland of California faced a devastating situation. Her 3-year-old son Jonathan was abducted and taken to Mexico by his father, who shared legal custody.

As the boy grew up, the two didn't have any contact, until earlier this year. Holland had gone online to sign up for a webinar and a photo posted on Facebook caught her eye. She was staring at an image she had snapped of her own children taking a bath years earlier.

Jonathan, now 18, wanted to find his mom and hoped posting the photo of his brother and him on the social media platform would spread the word. Last week, his dream came true when he hugged his mother for the first time in 15 years.

"Happy," was all Holland managed to say in an interview with NBC Bay Area the next day, her voice choked with tears. "It's been a long journey here," she said.

Jonathan is spending the summer with his mother in California. After two months, he will return to Mexico to finish his senior year of high school. The teen plans to go back to California after school.

The Upshot

The power of social media has been a game changer for people trying to reconnect with adopted children and missing loved ones, and this story is proof of yet another happy reunion. For parents trying to locate a child, use your networks of friends and contacts to get the word out there. You just never know who will see your post!

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