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Mom and Kids Swept Away in Texas Floods Still Missing

The Short of It

On Saturday, floodwaters in Wimberley, Texas, washed away the home where the McComb family was staying. The mom and the two children remain missing, while the dad was injured but survived.

The Lowdown

Heavy rains and statewide flooding in Texas have led to at least 15 deaths and numerous people who remain missing. Among those are Jonathan McComb's wife Laura and children, Leighton, 6, and Andrew, 4.

The McComb family was spending Memorial Day weekend with a group of friends on the Blanco River, when the house in which they were staying was swept away by floodwaters. As the home went down the river, Laura frantically called her sister, Julia Shields.

"She called me, she said 'I'm in a house. I'm floating down the river. Tell mom and dad, "I love you," and pray,'" Shields told KVUE.

Jonathan says the family was holding hands inside the house, but after hitting a bridge, which took off the top part of the structure, the house splintered, causing the family to get separated. Jonathan was found on a river bank and suffered a collapsed lung, broken rib and shattered sternum. His wife and children have not been found.

The Upshot

On Tuesday, a helicopter search crew found the family's dog, Maggie, alive and hung up on some tree branches, but hopes for finding Laura, Leighton and Andrew are low. Search crews across Texas continue to look for survivors in flood-ravaged areas today.

Our thoughts are with the McComb family and all the others affected by the flooding in Texas.

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