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Mom and Son Go into Hiding to Avoid His Court-Ordered Circumcision

The Short of It

A Florida mom has gone into hiding to prevent her 4-year-old son's court-ordered circumcision, which she finds barbaric, and the young boy thinks is terrifying.

The Lowdown

As we reported in January, Heather Hironimus once agreed with the father that their son Chase should be circumcised, but she changed her mind and went to court in an effort to prevent the procedure from taking place. The estranged couple has been fighting over the decision for four years.

Recently, a judge sided with Dennis Nebus, Chase's dad, and ruled that he should get circumcised. So Hironimus checked into a domestic violence shelter to protect her son. When she skipped the court appearance to hand Chase over for his circumcision, a warrant was issued for her arrest. Her lawyer Thomas Hunker is requesting that Chase be psychologically evaluated before he undergoes the procedure.

"The child is scared to death of the procedure and doesn't want it. There have been no safeguards put in place to protect the child's psychological and emotional condition with regards to this surgery," Hunker told the Sun Sentinel.

Hironimus has gained support from anti-circumcision advocates across the United States, called "Chase's Guardians," who have helped to pay for her legal fees.

The Upshot

While it's certainly understandable that Hironimus would do anything and everything to shield Chase from harm, it actually seems like he's not being protected from the fallout of this legal battle. He is only a child! Here's hoping the little boy's welfare is considered above all else.

What is your take?

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