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Mom Arranges for Daughter to Fight Her Bully with a Knife

Tabitha Anne Bennett/WPTV

The Short of It

Increasingly, parents are fighting back against their children's bullies, but one Florida mom who took matters into her own hands has landed herself in big trouble.

The Lowdown

All mothers can relate to the feeling of wanting to defend their kids. But not many of us would bring a knife to confront a teenage bully and encourage fist fighting between minors.

That is exactly what Tabitha Anne Bennett did. The fed-up mom wanted to put a stop to her 13-year-old daughter's torment, so she arranged a confrontation with the 14-year-old bully via social media.

Who knows what the alleged bully did to push Bennett to the edge like this, but she not only coordinated the fight, she drove her daughter there and provided a weapon—a knife.

During the confrontation, which was caught on at least two cell phone cameras, witnesses say the mom egged her daughter on to "get on top of" her tormentor, and she even got in on the action at one point, pulling the teen to the ground by her hair.

The Upshot

The young victim of the two-on-one fight told authorities she feared for her life. Bennett was arrested on charges of child abuse, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and battery.

This is not the first recent case involving a mom who confronted a teen bully. A California mother and step-mother accosted their son's bullies in the school cafeteria, which also resulted in their arrests.

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