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Mom Breastfeeds during 135-Mile Winter Bike Race

The Short of It

Just two months after giving birth, Sveta Vold competed in The Arrowhead 135 Ultra, a 135-mile endurance bike race held every January during the coldest part of winter in the coldest part of the lower 48 states—northern Minnesota. The race takes more than 30 hours to finish, and it's so challenging that less than half of those who enter make it to the end. Not only did Vole finish, but the Super Mom even managed to breastfeed her baby along the way!

The Lowdown

"This is one of the hardest winter races in the world," Vold told CBS Minnesota. "Very often, you're thinking, 'Why am I here?'... If you want to finish good, you need to keep going all the time. You stop at the checkpoint, drink water, (eat) hot food, and keep going."

That is, unless, you know, you have to make a pit stop to breastfeed. Vold's husband Dan bundled up their baby Yeva and drove to the first and second checkpoints so the new mom could breastfeed. She also took a portable breast pump with her and stopped about seven more times to pump along the trail.

She lost about 15 to 20 minutes at each stop, but she still managed to finish as the third place woman in 31 hours, 44 minutes. "Nothing is more important than baby," Vold said. "That is why I tried to find balance, keep my milk."

The Upshot

Truly amazing! Vold attributes much of her success to the support of her husband, and she says she entered the race to show other women that it's possible to be a mother and still be competitive.

"You can have baby; you can ride your bicycle; you can live your style of life," she said. "Nothing (has to) change."

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