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Mom Charged with Abuse after Slamming on Brakes to Stop Fighting Kids

The Short of It

A Florida mom is facing child abuse charges for the method she employed to get her rambunctious kids to stop fighting.

The Lowdown

Lorena Simpson was driving along with her children when they wouldn't stop arguing in the back seat. In a spur of the moment decision, she slammed on the brakes of the car to shock the kids into complacency. Unfortunately, her 12-year-old daughter in the front seat wasn't wearing her seat belt, and the sudden stop slammed the tween's head into the windshield.

Three days later, the cops showed up.

"I didn't (do it) on purpose or intentionally harm my daughter, you understand," Simpson told ABC affiliate WPBF-TV. "If she ever once complained to me and said, 'hey mom I think I have a headache,' (but) she didn't. I'm heartbroken. My kids are gone."

The 12-year-old told authorities that she did, in fact, complain to her mother of dizziness and a headache but was ignored. Though it should have been obvious that the girl was hurt simply from the fact that the girl's head cracked the car's windshield. Still, Simpson says there was no bump so she thought her daughter was fine.

The Upshot

Lorena Simpson was arrested on felony child abuse charges, and all of her children have been put into their father's custody.

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