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Mom Deemed 'Too Dumb' to Parent Flees Country to Keep Unborn Son

The Short of It

A pregnant mom from Scotland had her two young sons taken away from her because authorities there deemed her "too dumb" to parent. Now she and her husband are fleeing the country to protect their unborn third child.

The Lowdown

When Kerry McDougall and her husband Mark wed several years ago, Scottish authorities tried to prevent the union and warned they would remove the couple's soon-to-be born first child. Why? Because McDougall struggles with learning disabilities that affect her math and spelling skills.

The mom-of-two (and soon three) sons admits she is not on the same level as other adults when it comes to academics. But she says her parenting abilities do not suffer as a result. She is a loving mom who recently was horrified when social services forcibly removed 3-year-old William and 5-year-old Sean from their home. The boys now live with a foster family.

"I can't describe how it feels to know your children are somewhere else and are unhappy. I just have to trust one day we'll get them back," she told the Inquisitr.

As McDougall nears her due date, she and her husband have decided to flee Scotland once again for Ireland, where they know they can raise the baby undisturbed. They made the same decision to move to Ireland before their first son was born to avoid losing him. While living in Ireland, the McDougalls say their life was perfect. Authorities there deemed Kerry a fit mother, and the family was able to enjoy a happy existence, free from scrutiny. But they missed their relatives and returned to Scotland. Back at home, the authorities began once again to monitor the family, despite initially saying they'd be left alone.

Kerry McDougall regrets returning to Scotland, where her sons were taken away.

"I felt I was letting them down because there was nothing I could do. I did my best to be a good mum. I never smoked, drank or did drugs. They were always clean, never hungry and were happy, happy boys. It wasn't enough. For weeks before they were taken, Sean begged for us to move so the social workers couldn't take him away. I feel we failed him by not doing so sooner," she says.

The Upshot

Now sadly, the family-of-five will be separated, with Kerry and Mark living in Ireland with their newborn son and their older boys living in a foster home in Scotland. This hardly seems ideal, no matter the mother's math or spelling abilities. What's more, it's clear from McDougall's quotes in the Inquistr article that she is well-spoken and more than capable of understanding the situation. So how can she be "too dumb" to parent?

Here's hoping the McDougall's story gets enough attention that Scottish authorities are pressured into reuniting this family. The parents say Irish officials have pledged to help them regain custody of Sean and William.

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