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Mom Donates Record-Breaking 15 Gallons of Breast Milk to Hospital

The Short of It

This hero mom just set the record for breast milk donations at a Texas hospital.

The Lowdown

Micah Duncan delivered her baby by emergency C-section in January at the Children's Hospital of San Antonio. Her son, Cash, was a preemie, who was born at 25 weeks—so early that he couldn't even be held—so she was unable to breastfeed him.

"I couldn't hold him; I couldn't touch him, anything like that," she explained to KSAT.

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So, while the new mom waited for Cash to grow strong enough to be discharged, she started pumping. She was only able to get a syringe's worth at first, but she pumped every 2 hours, around the clock, to build up her supply.

"Before long, I had a little bottle, then I got a bigger bottle and then I got the biggest bottle there is," she said. She sealed the bottles and put them in the freezer for storage until she could feed them to her son.

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Micah had been warned that since Cash was so small, he might not be able to latch on. So the determined mama didn't stop pumping for the next three months. Turns out, Cash had other plans—the tiny newborn did, in fact, latch on to eventually become a fully breastfed baby.

"I didn't think it would happen," Micah said. "I didn't think it would ever happen. And then, little by little, it did."

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The Upshot

When Cash was finally ready to go home, Micah decided to donate all those bottles—15 full gallons of breast milk!—to the Texas Breast Milk Bank in Austin. It's the largest single donation of breast milk by any mother at the hospital.

"Good thing I produced it," Micah said. "Now we can help other babies whose moms can't produce the milk."

So incredible! That is A LOT of milk. Which means a lot of other tiny babies will now get to benefit from Micah's incredibly generous donation.

What a hero!

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