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Mom Draws Epic Notes for Her Daughter's School Lunch EVERY DAY

The Short of It

Mom brightens daughter's school days in a surprisingly easy yet epic way.

The Lowdown

While most of us toss whatever we can find into a brown paper bag and send it off to school with our kids as "lunch," mom Julia Clarke takes a decidedly different approach. Every night, she breaks out the paper and colored pencils and meticulously crafts inspiring notes for her 6-year-old daughter, Amelie.

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She draws sentiments like, "Don't wait for luck," "Don't stop until you're proud," and "Dream big," in big rainbow letters.

Julie told WSTP 10 News that the creations are something she looks forward to each day.

"My mom had four kids; three boys and then me," she explains. "She was busy probably just trying to keep the kids off the furniture." Which is why Julie wanted Amelie to have something special waiting for her in her lunchbox when she started kindergarten this past fall.

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"They just make me smile because they're so colorful and nice," Amelie says.

And Amelie isn't the only one who gets to benefit from her mom's uplifting letters. Julie started an Instagram account called amelieslunchnotes, so she could post images of the notes and share them worldwide.


The Upshot

We all have things we hate to do as parents—wiping butts, folding laundry, cleaning up vomit, picking up toys, are a few that come to mind. But for me it's always been the monotony of making and packing lunches. But Julie's story really struck a chord with me

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When I was growing up, my dad used to stick notes inside my school lunch sandwiches, so when I'd take a bite, I'd inevitably find myself pulling a small piece of paper out of my mouth that had a smiley face and the words "Love, Dad" written on it. Even though I knew it was coming, it never failed to make me feel special and bring a smile to my face. So I can only imagine how lucky Amelie feels when she discovers her mom's vibrant messages every day. What a gift! My own kids have been missing out, and I think I need to change that ASAP.

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