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Mom Finds Kidney Donor by Writing Plea for Help on Car Windshield

Christine Royles & Josh Dall-Leighton/Facebook

The Short of It

A Maine mom was desperate to find a kidney donor, so she wrote a plea for help on the back windshield of her car. Can you believe her unusual approach actually worked?

The Lowdown

Christine Royles has lupus and suffers from kidney failure. She was placed on the organ donor list in July 2014, along with 100,000 other patients. In the meantime, the waitress hooks up to a dialysis machine for 10 hours every night.

For her son's sake, Royles didn't want to leave her health to chance. She decided to advertise her dire situation on the windshield of her car.

One message read: "Looking for someone to donate me their kidney! Must have type O blood. You only need 1 kidney."

"Everyone thought it was weird; they thought it was creepy. But I had this really weird feeling that it would work," the 24-year-old told

And work it did. One day Royles' message mentioned having a a 2-year-old son. That happened to be the day Josh Dall-Leighton and his wife, Ashley, saw Royles' car parked outside Applebee's, where she works.

"I just looked at my wife and said, 'I have to try.' I think it was the fact that I have three kids of my own, and that really resonated with me. If [my wife] needed a kidney and I couldn't provide for her, I would hope that somebody else would kind of step up and help her out," Dall-Leighton, a 30-year-old corrections officer, told the Huffington Post.

So the couple sent Royles a text message to let her know Dall-Leighton was interested in seeing if he was a match to be her kidney donor. It turned out he is, and the surgery is tentatively scheduled for May.

The Upshot

"It's really amazing because he has three kids; he's the sole provider. He's got a young family, and he's just going to take time off to do something for a random person—I think it's pretty crazy," Royles said about Dall-Leighton's amazingly selfless deed.

Since the dad will take up to six weeks of unpaid leave from work to recover from the surgery, a friend launched a GoFundMe page. Almost $38,000 has been raised in the first 12 days. Royles is also organizing a pancake breakfast to help raise money for the family.

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