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Mom Finds Out She's Pregnant with Triplets after Husband's Death

The Short of It

An Illinois mom finds out she is pregnant with triplets after her husband's death.

The Lowdown

Six weeks ago, Brian Hill, who was a retired decorated Navy veteran who served in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait, died in a car accident. On the day of his wake, his wife Courtney learned she was expecting.

"I was able to hold his hand, and (tell him I was pregnant at his wake)," she heartbreakingly told Fox 6 News.

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Courtney, who had been trying to get pregnant with a second child when Brian passed away, soon experienced complications that led her to believe she was losing the pregnancy. But instead, the newly widowed mom found out she was actually pregnant with triplets!

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Although Courtney says, "I haven't had a chance to think what is really happening, and it's happening fast," she also shares, "I'm excited to have three more smiles that remind me of him."

What an incredible attitude.

Courtney's father says, "I just feel sorry that Brian won't be able to see them. I guess maybe he will see them."

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The Upshot

I had an amazing experience that reminds me of Courtney's story. I had been trying to get pregnant for about nine months when my grandmother passed away. At her memorial service, I prayed for her to watch over me, and that maybe, just maybe, she could put in a good word for me up there and have another baby could come our way. Two days later, I took a pregnancy test, and it was positive. My daughter is named after her.

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