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Mom Gets Kudos for Bringing Her Baby to Work on National TV

The Short of It

Journalist Rebecca Traister of the New Republic made big news when she appeared on MSNBC to discuss Hilary Clinton's email scandal and run for president. It wasn't what she said that people were talking about; it was who she was holding—her newborn daughter Bella.

The Lowdown

People are applauding Traister for doing what many feel is off-limits—acknowledging that she's a mom while at work. And she did it in such a subtle way, not even mentioning the baby and focusing on the topic of the segment. She did an awesome job, gently bouncing Bella as she spoke very eloquently.

Fortune points out that many working moms feel pressure to act as if they're not moms while they're at work. On average, mothers earn less money than fathers do. Breastfeeding working moms are also seen as less competent than those who don't nurse.

This can have a big impact on a woman's career, especially because many become mothers around the same age they're taking on more responsibility at work.

The Upshot

Seeing a professional mom with her baby is something I'd like to see more of. Maybe it will give more people a true understanding that a woman can be a new mom and a businessperson at the same time. This shouldn't be a shocking revelation.

And like other mothers I know, I believe becoming a mom made me a better professional. I'm more efficient, more decisive and more direct now that I'm a mom. Heck, I can work, pump breast milk and eat lunch at the same time, and no one knows the difference!

As PowerToFly President Katharine Zaleski said in her recent op-ed for Fortune, "There's a saying that 'if you want something done, then ask a busy person to do it.' That's exactly why I like working with mothers now."

Isn't it about time everyone stops underestimating moms and starts giving them the respect, responsibility and pay that they deserve?

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