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Mom Gives Birth Alone in Wild & Survives 3 Days with Newborn

Amber Pangborn/NBC

The Short of It

A California mom reportedly gave birth alone in the wilderness, and then survived for three harrowing days with her newborn baby. But the hard-to-believe details of her account have some questioning what really happened.

The Lowdown

Amber Pangborn (yes, that's really her name!) started experiencing contractions last Wednesday. It isn't clear if she was at home when her labor began. But the soon-to-be mom decided to drive through Sierra Nevada's Plumas National Forest to get to her parents' house, rather than head to a doctor's office or hospital.

"I was told about this back road, and people had showed it to me a few times, but I had never driven it by myself," Pangborn explained to Action News Now about her decision not to take major roads she was more familiar with.

According to the laboring mama, her circumstances soon grew dire when she ran out of gas and lost cell reception, a bad combination without even factoring in that she was about to give birth alone. Pangborn describes her baby's arrival this way: "I laid out a sleeping back in the backseat, lied down, gripped the handle above the back window and gave birth to my daughter."

Now it was Thursday morning and Pangborn only had three apples, a soda and some water to survive on. She says bees started attacking the placenta, and in trying to protect her daughter Marissa from getting stung, she suffered some stings.

Oddly, Pangborn explains she cut the umbilical cord on Friday because she was worried Marissa would starve.

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The Upshot

It wasn't until Saturday that the new mom says she thought to signal for help by making a fire. The fire, which Pangborn admits got out of control, was noticed by a U.S. Forest Service worker.

"I was just crying; I thought we were going to die. I was also just so glad that someone had seen us, and we were going to be okay," is what the mama said upon her rescue.

We're just glad mom and baby are recovering well from this bizarre ordeal.

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