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Mom Gives Birth to 10-pound Baby in Moving Car While Dad Films It

The Short of It

When Jon and Lesia Pettijohn were driving to the Bay Area Birth Center in Pasadena, Texas, over an hour away from their home, their new son decided he didn't want to wait any longer to meet them. Lesia gave birth to Josiah while Jon continued driving to the medical clinic and the GoPro camera was running.

The Lowdown

New dad Jon managed to stay calm and focused throughout the ordeal. In an interview with Today Parents, he explained that since the couple doesn't own a cell phone to call for help, it didn't make sense to pullover onto the side of the road. He just wanted to keep driving so they could get to the birthing center quickly.

Leisa was thankful for Jon's focus and actions.

"It was difficult for me to stay calm. It definitely helped that [Jon] was calm," Lesia told Today. "I was pretty much freaking out. I was not wanting to have him [in the car]."

Since the GoPro was in the car, the two decided to capture the experience on film because they didn't have any video footage of their other two children when they were born.

The four-minute You Tube video that focuses on Leisa giving birth to the 10 lbs. 3 oz. baby boy in the front passenger seat of the car has been viewed more than 8 million times.

The couple says they posted the video online for family and friends to see and had no idea it would go viral and get so much attention.

The Upshot

After watching the video a few times, it is pretty amazing. Just two minutes after her water broke, baby Josiah was out and crying. I can't believe how composed and calm both Jon and Leisa are in the video.

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